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August 2019

title"The Fledging of Hawkwings" (Northnest Saga book 2 "TFOH") is available in ebook, hardcover, and softcover. The physical copies are illustrated editions and the ebook lacks the illustrations. You can order on Amazon, or support your local bookstore by bringing them either of the below ISBN numbers and they can order you a copy.
TFOH Hardcover ISBN: 9780997195347
TFOH Softcover ISBN: 9780997195354title
The third book in the Northnest Saga is out, too! "Hearthsraven" ("HR") is available in ebook for now. I haven't gotten to the illustrations yet, and want to continue the pattern of the physical versions of the books being illustrated editions. HR ebook ISBN: 978-0-9971953-7-8
Links at the right have yet to be updated for the two new books. I have also started the fourth book in the Northnest series, as well as made progress on a collection of short stories in the Northnest world. Work has begun on the sequel to "Otter Twin Magic" as well.

April 2017

booksThe hardcover and dense trade paperback sized softcover versionsof "Hawkwind's Tale" are now complete and available. They have been given yet another round of editing, and include twenty full-page black and white illustrations by me. You can find them online on sites such as Amazon, or ask your local independently owned bookstore to order a copy for you.
Hardcover ISBN: 9780997195323
Softcover ISBN: 9780997195330
I'm currently focusing on the sequel to "Hawkwind's Tale" and will soon begin work on the sequel to "Otter Twin Magic."

August 2016

Book signing! I'll be in Mendocino, CA for a "meet the author" event at Gallery Bookshop on September 3rd. Check this link for more information. It's available in both softcover and hardcover now. You can order via Amazon or better yet, ask your local independent bookseller to order you a copy. I've entered Otter Twin Magic into a couple contests--wish me luck! I've started preliminary work on the sequel. I'm also working on a hardcover, Illustrated version of Hawkwind's Tale, and also writing on the sequel to that.

May 2016

Since ebay has just dramatically raised its seller fees, I won't be putting "Otter Twin Magic" on ebay as much, if at all. I suggest folks who want a copy should ask their local bookseller to order one for them from IngramSpark (the printer). You can also find it from various sellers on Amazon. I am waiting for a proof copy to arrive of a softcover version of the book, which should have a lower price point. I am also hard at work on the sequel to "Hawkind's Tale," plus a collection of short stories in the same world, and an illustrated version of "Hawkwind's Tale" that will be released in hardcover. All three of those projects will probably release in 2017 at the soonest.

April 2016

My children's book "Otter Twin Magic" has been a success. You can still visit this page for more information about it. Copies are available in my ebay store (not anymore). I have also authorized distribution through the company printing the book, and I hope that means the book will soon be available through many different vendors. To be frank, if you are interested in supporting me (the author-illustrator), I get a lot more profit if you buy from my ebay page.

September 2015

I am announcing my newest project! I am working on a chilren's book called "Otter Twin Magic," which I will shortly be Kickstarting. For more information, visit this page.
Update! The Kickstarter Launch date has been set. The Kickstarter will launch on October 1st at 9 AM PST. Follow the above link for more information or watch the video on YouTube.

January 2015

The big news is "Hawkwind's Tale"! It is now out on Kindle. It will be available in paperback sometime this year. You can purchase the Kindle version here. It will be FREE from January 30 to February 3rd!
I also have found a job, but I am still actively seeking a better position. I am seeking freelance work as well. I have also been adding items to my CafePress site and have opened an Etsy store. As far as creative projects, I am working on my next book in the Northnest Saga, a children's book, and a video game. Some changes are also headed for this website--a few have already begun!
Thanks for your interest!
If you are in the south bay (California, SF area) and wish to contact me regarding employment, you may email me at

February 2014

A lot is going on. First and foremost is my ongoing job search. It's turning out to be quite difficult, and I am seeking freelance work as well. I have also been adding items to my CafePress site and have opened an Etsy store. As far as creative projects, I am working on my new book, a children's book, and a video game. Some changes are also headed for this website. Thanks for your interest!
If you are in the south bay (California, SF area) and wish to contact me regarding employment, you may email me at

September 2013

It's been a year! I am back in the US, living and freelancing, writing, and job hunting in the San Francisco bay area. My Japan adventure is done.
I am job hunting! I'm working on a new book. It's very exciting for me. No dragons this time--but definitely something with WINGS. Of course.
Don't forget to scroll down for links to my work.
I will probably also be making some new updates to this website.

September 2012

It's been a while since I've posted news, for which I apologize. Life has been a little hectic. I've moved across country and settled into a new city, resumed work, and that sort of thing. Here are links for new things:

--Book 3 and Book 4 are on Kindle now.
--I've also started a Cafe Press site, in case anyone is interested in getting T-shirts and such with Dragonic Voyages art on them. There is also some of my other art on items there, too.
And here are some old links:

--Book 4 is available in paperback!
--Books 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Kindle! Here is Book 1. Here is Book 2.
Check them out!

I've started work on a new book as well, not in the same realm as the Dragonic Voyages, and not including dragons as the main fantasy creature, but I hope folks will like it when I finally finish it.

January 2012 十一月、2012年

Hello again! Lots of news this time: Book 4 is available in paperback!
Books 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Kindle! Here is Book 1. Here is Book 2.
Check them out!

November 2011 十一月、2011年

It's been over a year since I updated. I extend my sincere apologies. As you might remember, I'm living in Japan now. Book 3 has been released and I've been working on Book 4. I am hoping Book 4 is only a few months away from release. Life has been a lot to adjust to lately. Getting used to living in Japan hasn't been easy. Plus, there was a really big earthquake here. I am not living on the coast, so the tsunami did not affect me, but I am in northern Japan, so I felt the quake strongly, and lost power for a few days. Things are mostly back to normal now for where I am. I will be completing Book 4 soon, and I have some other, new projects in the works, too. Hopefully, I will be able to start updating this site more thoroughly soon.

July 2010 七月、2010年

Book 3 is released! Get it here. Or, search for it on Amazon. In other news: I begin work in Japan on August 1. I will continue with the Dragonic Voyages series, however, so not to worry. I still have Book 4 to complete, and I've already started writing it.
こんにちは、みんなさん。三番の本が出てきました。買うのには、クリックhere。外には、Amazon にもあります。八月一日に、日本に仕事を始めます。本を続けるつもりですから、心配しないでください。次は四番で、もう書き始めました。

May 2010 四月、2010年

I have finally made the time to complete Book 3. I'm very excited about it! The cover images are up on the Book 3 page (in the menu at the right). I'm reviewing the final proof now, so it should just be a matter of another week or so, unless I find problems with the proof. In other news, I've found my job, to start in a few months, teaching English in Japan. I'm very happy to achieve what I've been planning to do for over a year now. The location and departure date are not decided yet, but it is decided that I'll be going. Not to fear, I will continue writing (in English) even in Japan. I'm also looking for freelance projects for the summer.

April 2010 四月、2010年

I must apologize for letting so much time go by between updates. It is a busy time in my life right now as I am finishing up my time at Cornell University while trying to job hunt for the next stage in my life. Between all of that, despite my best efforts, I have been unable to get Book 3 completed by March, as I had hoped to be able to do. Unfortunately, I will have to delay the release a couple or few months. I hope maybe I can get it done by May, but right now it is difficult to say. For any fans who are checking and waiting for the book, I'm sorry it's taking so long. I, too, wish it was done, and I am continuing to make progress. I will finish it, it will just be a little bit longer.

January 2010 一月、2010年

It's been a while since my last update. I am still at Cornell University, studying hard. The big news is that Book 3 has entered the final design stage. I'm working on illustrations and cover art for it, and hope to have it available sometime in March, 2010. The page for Book 3 information has been updated with some additional info.

August 2009 八月、2009年

Once again there's not much to report here. I'm being kept very busy by my FALCON classes. I'm not doing much else besides learning Japanese right now. From time to time I am able to work on Book 3, but that's all. I have aspirations of making a Japanese version of my website, as well, but I don't know yet when I might find the time.

June 2009 六月、2009年

Once again there's not much to report here. I'm being kept very busy by my FALCON classes. I'm not doing much else besides learning Japanese right now. From time to time I am able to work on Book 3, but that's all.
小さいですが、新しいNEWSがあります。また イザカ ニューヨークにいます。ファルコンのクラスが始まりました。そして、私の次の本をまだ書きます。

April 2009 ニ月、2009年

Many sudden changes in my life. First, I am another victim of the recession; I've been laid off. Thus, I am now accepting freelance jobs. Also, I've decided to go back to school. I am applying for Cornell University's FALCON program (Full-year Asian Language CONcentration), which a one year long program for learning the Japanese Language. I will be moving to Ithaca, New York, within a couple months. I am still writing on my third book, and will have some time before classes start, so I may make some good progress.
日本語でがんばりますが、今日のNEWSは、ちょっと難しいですから、たぶんまただめです。じゃ、始めましょう。いのちは、ふしぎです、ね。今週私の上役は、私に「ざんえんですが、もう会社に来ないで下さい。」と言いました。英語で「laid off」と言います。だから、もう仕事がありません。ちょっとかなしいですが、タイミングがかんぺきです。コルネル大学に入学して、日本語が上手になる。だから、イザカ ニューヨーク に行きます。そして、今仕事がありませんから、お金もありません。でも、まだフリーのアーテイストいます。その仕事まだ欲しくできる。そして、もちろんまだ私の本を書きます。

March 2009 三月、2009年

Hello English-speakers. Don't worry, I've just decided to start doing my NEWS entries in both Japanese and English. Unfortunately, I can't write exactly the same things in English and Japanese because my Japanese is still so poor, but I will try. Probably, there will be more information and better writing in the English version of each entry. I've just returned from Japan! I really liked it there and wished I could stay, or go again, or even live there for a while. But right now I have no more vacation and no money, so that makes it tough. But anyway, I'm back in the states now, and I'm pretty busy with a number of things, so I've been writing slowly on Book 3. Book 2 is now available for purchase, if anyone's interested. I will hurry up and work on Book 3 as soon as I can. Right now I don't know when I'll have it finished but... I'll keep working on it, so please just hang in there. I will get it done eventually. Thanks so much!

January 2009

Happy New Year! On New Year's Eve, no less, I submitted book 2 for publishing. The proof is on its way, so my second book will shortly be available for everyone to read. To that end, the Book 2 page has been updated with goodies like images of the front and back cover, and a preview of the first few pages of the book.

December 2008

Just dropping in for an update. I am still working on getting book 2 out. Most of the editing is done, and five out of seven of the interior illustrations. I'm also working on the cover. The holidays are keeping me busy, but look for book 2 in early 2009. News on the website is that my cosplay gallery is finally up. It only took me nine months. You can find it under the Extras. (edit: this has since been removed)

November 2008

I'm hard at work on getting Book 2 ready to publish, and secondarily at work on writing Book 3. I still feel strapped for time, but I'm trying to be effective in using what time I have free. I'm still taking my Japanese language classes and martial arts classes, plus regular work and all the other routine stuff. It's certainly keeping me from getting bored. I am very excited to be getting Book 2 all wrapped up. I finished writing it...sheesh...over a year ago, but in editing it I am finding things that need changing and I've even added a scene or two. I'm trying to make my writing better and become a better writer. Not many people have bought Book 1, but those who have, that I know, have given it good reviews (or maybe they were just being nice). But regardless, I am still loving my stories and characters. Book 3 has been emerging slowly, but it's picking up speed, and I'm getting really excited about Book 4, even though it's probably at least a year away (I mean when I'll be able to start writing it). So I am hard at work, and hope to put up some sample pages from Book 2 on the site, as soon as I've got it finalized.

October 2008

Finally! I have accomplished what, at times, seemed impossible. I have recreated my site using Dreamweaver, and here it is! Do feel free to look around. I have made every effort to be sure everything works, but this has been a new experience for me, so if you encounter anything not working, please feel free to email the Webmaster. The most exciting new part is the info on my books. Also new, I've updated my galleries (finally, that was way overdue). In other news of life, I carry on as usual, living in the bay area, writing, making art, working full-time, taking Japanese-language classes, taking martial arts classes (I've just gotten back into it, different style than before), working on freelance projects, doing stuff with my friends, and, of course, watching lots of anime and jdorama in all my copious free time.

July, August 2008

I have sucessfully published my first book. It is currently available for sale. I am working on an Official Site for the series. There will be four books (at least, that's my current plan) in the series. Although I am beginning work on a fancy, pretty, super-spiffy site, a placeholder site does exist until I get the real site finished. The placeholder site will give you some info about the book(s) and a link to a site where you can buy the book, should anyone be interested.

May 2008

I'm still in SSF, and doing fine. New thingie on the website is a mini-site about my experience cosplaying as Kuchiki Byakuya. As of this moment, it is only partially completed, but I'm hoping to finish it asap. Other than that, I am still busy, and still enjoying my "new" job. I am also getting closer to publishing my first book. Watch for updates as the time gets closer. I will eventually be posting the first chapter on this site for folks to read who might be interested in my book.

February 2008

Happy new year! I'm doing fine, though I have been very busy between work and Japanese classes. I'm also moving across town, going to have my own apartment, which will be good. Unfortunately, the Dreamweaver version of my website is still on hold. I've been pretty strapped for time. Where did all my time go? If anyone sees it, do send it my way. But new is a little photo-journal of my Saturday. Saturdays are the days I have my Japanese classes in San Francisco. So I played tourist one Saturday and brought my camera along. If anyone is interested, you can flip through the photos here.

October 2007

I have just accepted a staff position as a Computer Graphics Artist with Krames-Staywell in San Bruno! It's exciting to have a full-time position again. However, despite my position, I am still accepting freelance work if it strongly appeals to me. I must also appologize. I had formerly stated that I'd be re-creating my website in Dreamweaver. I do still plan to accomplish that, but it has been put on hold for a while since the new job and wrapping up some other freelance work comes first and is taking up a good portion of my time right now. I also just started Japanese classes, which are fabulous fun, but also a lot of work. Do I foresee a Japanese version of my website...? Well, stand by for that one, too. :-)

September 2007

I haven't updated here for a while, my appologies. What with moving away from Ithaca and going back to California, it's been a little crazy. I am now settled in South San Francisco. I'm working a Temporary full-time job with, which is located in Redwood City, so the commute it a bit much, but the job is good. I'm an Image Retoucher, working Photoshop CS3. I am still job hunting for when this position ends, and have one hopeful possibility on the horizon (I'm in the interview process). I continue to accept freelance projects, so don't hesitate to email me with questions or proposals.

June 2007

Alas, my Temporary position as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator at the Lab of Ornithology is coming to an end and I have begun actively seeking the next step in my career. It's been a truly wonderful time here, but I have completed the projects for which I was hired and it's time to move on. We'll see what the future holds for me.

December 2006

Exciting news for me from the Northeast! I have been asked to join the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Communications and Marketing department as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer through the end of June 2007. I was thrilled to be able to accept the position. During my time here I will be focusing on two main projects: figure redraws for the Lab's Handbook of Bird Biology (about 150 figures) and completion of the Sapsucker Woods Trail Guide series (which I began with the Autumn Trail Guide, portions of which can be seen in my Galleries). As always, I am easy to reach by email, and continue to complete freelance projects, such as the 2007 Whale Festival Poster for Point Cabrillo Light Station and Preserve (also in my Galleries).

October 2006

I am in Ithaca, NY doing illustration and graphic design for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I'm having a great time and learning loads! So far I've designed numerous flyers and ads, as well as doing illustrations for Birdscope and for an Autumn Trail Guide, which is my special project. I am always reachable by email, and I'd love to hear from you.

September 2006

I leave for Ithaca, NY to work for ten weeks doing illustration and graphic design for the Cornell BirdLab: a very exciting opportunity! But I am always reachable by email, and I'd love to hear from you.

Summer 2006

I am doing Education and Outreach for a research project involving Western and Clark's Grebes at Clear Lake, CA (link coming soon), as well as freelancing.

June 8, 2006

I "graduate" from the UC Santa Cruz Sceintific Illustration program. Classes conclude. Official completion of the program dependent on completion of a 10 week internship.

May 5, 2006

Gallery show opens at the Natural History Museum in Santa Cruz, CA including four of my pieces of art from the UC Santa Cruz Scientific Illustration program: "Solar Flare," "Raven Fishing," "Gunpowder," and "American Crocodile and Red-tailed Boa Constrictor."


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