Otter Twin Magic

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News (as of August 7, 2016)

Book signing and meet and greet

book signing

Contests Entered

I've entered Otter Twin Magic into two contests. I'll post updates when I have them.

Other News

The Kickstarter is long over and was a great success! Thank you to my backers!
I am currently working on getting Spanish and Japanese translations done of the book.
I have also started preliminary work on a sequel.

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About the Project

"Otter Twin Magic" is a children's book dedicated to my twin nephews.
I wrote, illustrated, and designed the book entirely on my own.
The story is set in Northern California, and follows twin otter boys on magical adventures.

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About me, the author-illustrator

My name is Katherine, and I am a scientific illustrator, as well as a self-published author.
I also have a BS degree in Zoology.
I live and grew up in Northern California.
For more about my art and writing, visit my main website: