“Dragons to Loose” is a fantasy-adventure-romance, estimated by the author to be of the approximate rating PG-13.

The fantasy aspect consists of a setting in a world of the author's own creation. Technology level is horse and carriage, no gunpowder and no electricity. However, it becomes apparent, that the civilization is a fairly old and established one, with libraries, scholars, storytellers, and educated people in the areas of religions, medicine, animal husbandry, textiles, cooking, and military tactics and technology, among others.
There are elements of “magic” which are manifested as abilities some people have to see aspects of the future, hear and project thoughts, and see spirits. These abilities are referred to as talents, gifts, Sensitivities, or simply abilities. People with these abilities are referred to as Sensitives. One of the characters, a fellow named Leigh, who is the highest authority so far provided on Sensitivities, explains as much as he knows about the origins, hows, and whys of the talents, but he admits that even though he has researched and studied extensively, he cannot fully explain them. An additional talent exists, a very rare one, called the Merge-Gift. In later books, all this will be expanded upon.
Other fantasy aspects include the presence of dragons. Also, some people may consider the handling of religion and spirituality to be fantastical, because in the land of Byrd high religious tolerance exists, so all people freely worship or do not worship as they choose, and the way religious worship is structured is vastly different than our current Western styles. Additionally, the story includes the presence of two spiritual creatures.
The adventure aspect includes some attacks by groups of armed militants, a quest, escapes, chases, the movement and clash of armies, and a good deal of traveling.
The lead is a young woman by the name of Morrigan Aislyn. Her home village is Sparrownere, in the far eastern quarter of her home country: Byrd. Sparrownere is attacked, completely unexpectedly, by unknown assailants and burned to the ground. Morrigan is forced to flee with a few other survivors. She is pursued by the apparent leader of the attacking horde, who—out of all the escapees—chases only her. Morrigan seeks answers and revenge, leading her on a journey towards those goals, while trying to stay alive and stay herself.
A love story is integrally intertwined with the adventure-plot arc.
Morrigan Aislyn had never been much for romance of any kind, as none of the young men in her home village had held much appeal for her, or vice versa. So although many others married young, Morrigan had never desired to. Nor did she have any wish for children of her own, being more interested in reading through Sparrownere’s temple-library in her free time. But upheavals like having your home burned to the ground will throw a person into new places and situations, and allow them to meet new people, or even be forced to meet new people, and go on a journey with them.
Morrigan had always thought she was too different, too much of a thinker, unfeminine, and unemotional, unlike other girls she’d known. She’d come to believe that there was no one who would want or be able to fall in love with her, but Morrigan certainly hadn’t met everyone in the world, and it seemed fate was stepping in to show her that there could be and indeed was someone suited for her. The only questions remaining were if he felt the same, and if Morrigan could accept and admit what she was feeling, because she’d stopped expecting she would fall in love like everyone else, and had no idea what to do now that she had.