Dramatis Personae

Warning: this page may contain slight spoilers. No major spoilers, but here listed are all of the significant characters in DL (as well as animals and locations) with a bit of basic information about each. This page may be a useful reference for those currently reading the book, but regardless, you have been warned.

The Aislyn Family

Morrigan “Morrin”: our hero
Owen: Morrigan’s younger brother
Cadi and Rika: Morrigan’s little sisters, twins
Bridget: Morrigan’s mother
Cordelia: Morrigan’s mother’s mother
Morrigan’s Father

The Ronan Family

The Marshall: the father of the family
Malvin: oldest son
Finnian: second son
Gavin “Otter”: third son
Devin “Sniper”: fourth son
Vaughn “Marten”: fifth son

Other Folks Met Early On

Ahebban: the man in red leather
Selma: a young nurse at Ravenbeck
The governor of Ravenbeck
Matilda Oilell: an ex-mercenary, Armsmistress at Ravenbeck
Filippa: Horsemistress at Ravenbeck
Leigh Andettan: a temple servant, priest, and healer at Ravenbeck
Elli Ragnhild: one of Matilda’s warrior-students
Irwin "Kyan" Kynthelig: a temple servant from Jayfetter
A falconer, Filippa’s mate
Berta: one of Filippa’s riders, sent to Jayfetter
Mavis: one of Filippa’s riders, sent to Hawktalnin
Bryce: one of Filippa’s riders, sent to Swanwin

Folks Met Later

The King of Byrd
Sibley: a traveling player, Cassidhe’s older brother
Cassidhe: a traveling player, Sibley’s younger sister
Paula: a traveling player
Colin: a traveling player
Atelic: a servant of Ahebban’s
Dreogan: a new friend of Morrigan’s

The Animals

Brenna: Leigh’s raven
Glenna: one of Bryce’s mounts
Emrys: one of Bryce’s mounts
Tuli: the mare Kyan rides, black
Ahearn: the stallion Morrigan rides, chestnut
Taveti: the gelding Otter rides, bay
Trahern: the gelding Matilda riders, dull yellow
Lavena: the mare Elli rides, dappled grey
Lloyd: the gelding Leigh rides, grey
Taffy: a bay gelding from Ravenbeck
Amser: a heavily spotted mare from Ravenbeck
Dermot: a gelding from Ravenbeck
Alpin: a gelding from Ravenbeck


A spirit leopard
A spirit black panther


Sparrownere: Morrigan and Owen’s home, a smaller holding
Ravenbeck: where Morrigan and Owen flee to, one of the largest holdings in the area
Jayfetter: Kyan’s home, a medium sized holding